Brand Values which are representative of our fresh, dynamic and growing city.


The Gold Coast City is a dynamic, innovative and modern city which attracts more than 14,000 new residents and hosts almost 10 million visitors each year. From a string of seaside towns in the 1930’s, the city increased in popularity becoming the sixth largest city and one of the world’s most renowned holiday destinations. With its dramatic population growth and increasingly diversified environment, the Gold Coast stood as a city which lacked an identity and direction for moving forward.


Define and leverage the Gold Coast’s unique strengths and characteristics; echo the aspirations of the community, and deliver brand values which unite the community and promote the city locally, nationally and internationally. The brand values must speak to the beliefs and aspirations of residents, businesses, tourists, students and investors. It must differentiate the city; showcase the functional and non-functional attributes, whilst providing an honest representation of the local and wider communities’ perceptions.


Strategy / Solution
TUSK undertook a 2 year research project in order to determine the views and aspirations of the Gold Coast city.


Stage 1 – Develop Brand Values
/ One-on-one in-depth interviews were conducted with representatives of the Gold Coast business community.
/ Review of ‘Bold Future Community Research Report’.
/ Review of historical data and media.
/ Workshops with representatives of the City of Gold Coast Economic Development
/ Delivery of key themes, 5 brand values and 5 personality traits.


Stage 2 – Test Brand Values
/ 8 focus groups with cross-section of business and general community members.
/ Focus groups carried out in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.
/ 1 Focus Group with initial Gold Coast interviewees.
/ Key recommendations identified.


Stage 3 – Review and Refine Brand Values
/ Review of the brand values based on research recommendations.
/ Review of positioning statements.
/ Rework of communications and copy platform.
/ Workshops with key council members from differing departments within the City of Gold Coast.
/ Delivery of final 5 Brand Values: Forward Thinking, Vibrancy, Balance, Connection, Warmth.


The Brand Values will stand as a platform for the city brand and will guide the Gold Coast’s growth and future direction.

Gold Coast City Brand Values


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Catheryn York – Strategist / Account Director

Zoe Bruce – Strategist / Copywriter

Nicole Barrett – Research Leader

Amy Scott – Research Assistant